Fairyland Castles at Toward Primary School

Toward PS Castle GerrishPrimary 1 to 3 Pupils of Toward Primary have been working very hard to rebuild Fairyland in their classroom with help from the Friendly Dragon. Pupils were given a family learning challenge to plan, design and create their own model of their dream castle with help from members of their family.

Toward PS Castle JonesThe task involved family members to work together to plan and create their own castle from old, recycled or natural materials. The castles that have been produced are very impressive, clearly showing all members of the family being involved. The activity required the children and parents to use a variety of skills including creativity, problem solving, organisational, imaginative, teamwork and communication.

Both children and parents thoroughly enjoyed creating their castles.

Some comments from the children included…
‘It was nice to work together around the table as a family’
‘It was great fun’
‘We all helped to build the castle, dad made the draw bridge’

Toward PS Castle YoungCastle Young was built with a variety of materials including old tights, curtains, wall paper, sand, moss and many more.
Castle Campbell was very personalised each child in the family have their own wall to design, mum and dad have their own golf course around the castle and the family’s favourite place to go together as a family is inside.

Toward PS Castle PayneEach Castle created was personal to the child and the family all showing a variety of different resources and imagination.

Toward PS Castle Cheng
Children were given the opportunity to showcase and present their castles to the older children where they were given the opportunity to ask questions and compliment others on their work.

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  1. These are stunning, inventive castles! Sounds like mums and dads had fun too!!! Well done.

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