Victoria Postcard Project

This project is part of the Rothesay Town Heritage Initiative, celebrating Rothesay’s Victorian past. Argyll and Bute Primary children from Kilmodan, St Mun’s, Toward, North Bute and St Andrew’s have already been participating during May. This has involved interdisciplinary activities such as using traditional, Victorian style dip pens and ink, drawing and writing postcards, and, some ‘pop up history’ from a Victorian visitor from Rothesay in the year 1887.

The address to send the postcards to is actually the gap site in Rothesay in Guilford Square. This is where there used to be a drapers shop. In Victorian times it was often used as a drop off point for post sent to the island. If you could take 5 minutes to participate and help celebrate Rothesay’s beautiful Victorian heritage.
Please pass this on, especially to Argyll and Bute’s own global diaspora.

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