Lismore Primary School: Healthy Body Week 13th to 17th May

The week started with a food themed day. The children found out about the different food groups that are necessary for a balanced diet. With the help of Hazel, each child made a healthy smoothie for their snack from a wide variety of different fruits including pineapple, mango raspberries and strawberries. Hazel also introduced a new salad bar at lunchtime where the children could try out different salad vegetables.

The salad bar was available for lunch all week and the week’s menu had an emphasis on fruit and vegetables with delicious dishes such as chicken and vegetable wraps and fruit kebabs with dips.

Tuesday was “Cycling Safely Day”. The children all brought their bicycles to school, ready to begin their Bikeablilty Level 1 Course. Mary and Denise helped them to check their bikes and helmets for safety before the first session began. The children practised setting off and stopping safely and were then encouraged to cycle at a controlled speed around a number of different obstacles. They all showed themselves to be competent cyclists and it is hoped that they will complete the course before the end of term.

Wednesday was “Senses Day”. The children took part in experiments about taste and smell. They also discussed what it might be like to be blind or deaf and learned a little about Helen Keller and braille. Some of the money the children raised through the sale of Christmas Cards and from organising the Island Christmas Card was donated to Guide Dogs for the Blind. By watching a DVD the children learned a bit about the training and work of guide dogs and were then introduced to Olivia, Scooby and Pluto who are the three Guide Dog puppies they are sponsoring.

On Thursday, which was “Teeth and Hygiene Day”, Rhona from NHS Childsmile visited to talk about dental hygiene. Lismore Primary School participates in the Childsmile programme which involves daily teeth cleaning at school and regular visits from dental experts from the NHS. The Early Years children met a variety of puppets who helped them to understand how important it is to clean your teeth regularly and what happens when you go to the dentist. Later in the day the children discussed hand washing and hygiene and learned a little bit about germs and bacteria.

Friday was Healthy Heart Day. The children did an experiment to show that their pulse rate increases with exercise and talked about the reasons for this. They also discussed why it is vital to keep your heart healthy.

The grand finale for the week was the Skipathon Afternoon in aid of the British Heart Foundation. The children had challenged themselves to skip for 100 minutes and were sponsored by relations and friends. The skipping began just before 1.30pm with a long rope warm up. The children then went on to show their individual skills such as jumping jacks, scissors and crossovers before trying out some partner skipping tricks as well. As the sun came out and the temperature rose, the mums and staff took over to allow the children a break for a drink. The children continued with some skipping rhymes and had to work hard to keep up the skipping momentum. At last the timer bleeped and the 100 minutes was up. The children each received a certificate as well as refreshments before going home for a well-earned rest. Well done to all the children for a fantastic effort, raising over £100 for the British Heart Foundation and thank you to all the mums who joined in and supported!

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