Egg-citment at Toward School

There has been great egg-citment at Toward Primary over the past few weeks. As part of our Crofting Connections project the school bought an incubator and were given some hen eggs. The pupils carefully watched over the eggs, turning them each day and ensuring they were kept at the correct temperature. After a week in the incubator the eggs were eggs-amined to see which ones were fertile. They had 4 fertile eggs and eggs-actly 3 weeks after placing the eggs in the incubator they began to hatch.

At Toward we now have 4 noisy, eggs-tra mouths to feed. A great eggs-ample of Curriculum for Excellence, where the pupils are learning how to feed and look after the chicks.

6 thoughts on “Egg-citment at Toward School

  1. They are fantastic. The pupils are really enjoying looking after them and are beginning to notice the different behaviour of each one.

  2. What an eggs-traordinary achievement! We looking forward to learning from your eggs-perience….. 😀

  3. Hi,
    Chicks are doing great and getting bigger!
    We got the incubator from Insect Lore for £80.00. Also got a lovely Chick Life Exploration Set that charts what is happening inside the eggs from day one to hatching. The children loved to open the plastic egg each day to see what stage the chicks were at.

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