There’s Something Fishy going on at Toward.

At the request of the pupils and as part of our Crofting Connections topic we invited an expert willow weaver, Mrs Clark, to come to the school to teach the pupils how to make Willow Fish. Now we have shoals of fish swimming all over the school. The pupils learnt that the willow needed to be soaked to make it pliable, that different types of willow were used for different parts of the fish and how they had to carefully bend the willow in a figure of eight before twisting it to make the tail.

Fantastic experience and the creations produced are great with everyone succeeding even the teachers.

2 thoughts on “There’s Something Fishy going on at Toward.

  1. Hi Toward
    I really like the idea of these creations and think they look great all displayed together. Well done!

  2. Thanks Fiona Staff found them very therapeutic to do along side the pupils.

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