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Salen Primary Star Jumper

keira-trophy-480x640P7 pupil, Keira Munro, proudly shows her shield. Keira and Toby won the O’Donnell Shield at the Pony Club Working Hunter Show for having the most points over all. Well done, Keira. You were up against older and more experienced competitors. Keira had previously managed to achieve a 2nd and two 3rds for show jumping at the Salen Show in August. We look forward to following your Pony Club career. Continue reading Salen Primary Star Jumper

Salen PS Eco-committee Brave the Weather

salen-ps-sps-eco-comm-1Despite the wind and rain on Tuesday the Eco-committee managed to start a very important task. Many of the shrubs need pruned so the pupils took the opportunity to take soft wood cuttings and pot them up. If they root successfully the shrubs will eventually be planted out in the school grounds and at the school’s planned pond area. The photos show our blueberry and raspberry cuttings.

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Eco brambling

salen-eco-1-sept-2016The Eco-committee, Gill and Caroline harvested some brambles which will be used to make jam. Later in the week the whole school will get to sample the jam. We can’t wait.

An unusual helper popped up in the shape of 11 year old tortoise, Humphrey. He lives near the school and loves company.

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Show and Tell

Salen Show and Tell Sept 2016Show and Tell
Ruaridh Dalgleish of Salen Primary School captivated his classmates with a most enjoyable topic at Show and Tell. His puppy, Arlo, a Spaniel/Labrador cross, popped in to Mrs MacLean’s classroom patio accompanied by Ruaridh’s mum. The pupils enjoyed hearing all about how to care for a puppy and many speculated as to what size Arlo will be when fully grown. We can’t wait to see which guestimates are the closest.

Inverness 10k

Salen PS Inverness 10k June 30th 2016SPS Runners
Ellen and Gemma MacRae of Salen Primary School raised £570 for Cancer Research UK by running the Inverness 10k. Well done girls! You ran an amazing distance and collected a phenomenal amount of money.

They are so keen on running and sports. They also achieved a 1st and 2nd place at the Tiree Fitness Kids Event.

P7 Graduation Dinner

Salen PS P7 Graduation 1 2016Salen Primary School Mainstream and Gaelic Primary 7s enjoyed a wonderful graduation dinner at The Galleon Grill in Tobermory. They were accompanied by their teachers, Mrs MacCrone and Miss Chase, and Head Teacher, Miss MacLean. The Galleon Grill presented the pupils with specially printed menus to mark the occasion which they all took away with them. A great night was had by all. We send the young people our very best wishes and hopes for the future.

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Sunshine and smiles

Salen Marie Curie 1Salen Primary School pupils held a daffodil lunch to raise funds for Marie Curie. They were delighted to present one of our parents, Louise Scarlett, with a cheque for £400. An additional £116 was raised by holding a collection at the end of term service and the pupils requested that this also be donated to Marie Curie.

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Olympic success for Team Kiribati

Salen Kiribati Olympics 2Salen Primary School was proud to represent the island nation of Kiribati for Island Sports Day. The pupils researched the competing nations before deciding to adopt Kiribati who had only one competitor travelling to Rio. Staff and pupils joined in the opening ceremony parade dressed in Kiribati colours.

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Salen PS Gardening Diary

Salen update 1 on gardening diaryDay three and we had to do lots of watering. Unfortunately, our water butts have run out of water now. Need some rain! Our Borlotti beans, peas and barley are coming on well. We planted more seeds: purple sprouting broccoli and cabbage, and a sage plant. We tied in the peas and cleared some of our big pots ready for flowers. And, we mounded up the tatties again …

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Salen PS Gardening Diary

Salen Gardening Diary 2 June 6 206The Eco-Committee has been busy in the gardens again with everything growing well. The peas and barley are sprouting fast. The sun has continued to shine brightly so everything needs lots of water. Fortunately there is still water stored in our water butts. The tatties got mounded up again, and lots more weeding got done.

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Salen PS Eco-Committee Summer Term Gardening Diary

Salen Gardening Diary 1The members of the eco-committee (assisted by School Clerical Gill, ASN Assistant Caroline and our Jolly Janny, Jan) have been busy planting out barley, beans and sugar snap peas. The potatoes got mounded up and everything needed a good watering.

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Swimming with Dolphins and other Mammals at Salen PS

Salen HWDT 1The children and staff had a lovely treat when the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust brought some of their friends to school. P1-5 learned lots of interesting facts about the types of mammals in our waters and enjoyed listening to recordings of the mammal conversations. It was fascinating to hear about the research and monitoring carried out by the HWDT.

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When Sasha Got Swept Up the Chimney

Salen PS Christmas 4 Version 2Salen Primary School held a Half and Half Draw after a stunning Christmas Production performance by the whole school and raised £352 towards school funds. Everyone had a superb night and enjoyed the high quality of acting, singing and dancing. Well done!

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Wear to Scare for Save the Children

Salen Halloween 3The children of Salen Primary School and Pre-school held a Wear to Scare day for Halloween to raise funds for Save the Children. The children and staff came to school dressed up for the day and staged a magnificent parade in the hall. The school hall had been spookily decorated by Janny Jan for the village Halloween party organised by our lovely SWRI. It was the perfect venue for a quick parade and collection which amounted to £80.

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