Global Citizenship Alive and Well at St. Joseph’s!

St Josephs Missio 2The children of St. Joseph’s Primary in Helensburgh were delighted to welcome Sr. Stacey of the order of ‘The Sisters of St. Peter Claver’ at assembly this week. Sr. Stacey gave a superb presentation on the work of ‘Missio Scotland’, a charity close to the heart of all the children at school. At specific times in the academic session, in a bid to support the missions, the children collect money for this charity.

St Josephs Missio 1Global Citizenship is important to the children of St. Joseph’s who keep in mind the needs of children in poverty in Third World Countries. They also bring a balance to their charity work by focusing on the skills of ‘Responsible Citizens’ and collecting or fund raising for local children’s charities at other times in the year.

St Josephs Missio 3This year the children were able to donate £287.62 to Missio Scotland………… and Sr. Stacey was delighted!

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  1. Our class MISSIO box is heavier already following her visit! All the children have been keen to bring in their small change. It all adds up!

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