Bowmore Celebrates V.E.Day!

Bowmore PS VE Day 2Thanks to our wonderful kitchen ladies, Bowmore Primary enjoyed a lovely lunch which was reminiscent of the street parties, held in celebration of the Victory in Europe in 1945. This celebration was the brainchild of Mrs McHarrie, our kitchen lady! We had cheese, ham, egg and tinned salmon sandwiches, scones and pancakes, all washed down with lots of juice. We had to bring our own cup and plate as everyone did in 1945.

Bowmore PS VE Day 1Some of us dressed up as pupils from the 1940s and so did the staff! We enjoyed our lunch listening to the music of that era. P6/7s had a special homework challenge from Mrs McHarrie that week – to bake an eggless cake! This was judged by Annie Anderson who was 10 years old on V.E. day! This brought back many memories of that day! Farrah Hoque (P.6) won the challenge with her entry – well done!

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