News From Luing

Luing Green Flag 1The children of Luing Primary School were very pleased to be awarded their fourth Green Flag. They learnt about Energy, Food and Farming, and Litter.

Ukulele Luing gave a wonderful performance at the opening of The Atlantic Islands Centre on Luing. Brendan O’Hara (local M.P.) and Andrew Pinkerton (project manager) were shown how to play the ukulele by Richard and Brodie and they then joined in the singing of “We are Ukulele Luing”.

Luing Ukulele Luing

Helen McNeill from SAMs came to Luing to share her knowledge of seaweed. The children were amazed at the different sizes and colours. Most of them enjoyed feeling each piece and but were not too happy, when Helen told them seaweed is used in lots of food and toiletries.

Luing Seaweed 2Luing Seaweed 1

A wonderful day was had by all children from Luing Primary School, on their summer picnic to Ganavan Sands. They had lots of fun working together digging holes and creating bridges and tunnels.

Luing Ganavan

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