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Luing Pupils Visit The Atlantic Island Centre

img_0369On Monday 3rd October the pupils from Luing Primary visited the Atlantic Island Centre on Luing to see the farming exhibition. Jane MacLachlan and Col MacDougall showed the children round and explained some of the exhibits and photographs. Col, who had worked on the farm for 55 years, answered lots of questions about how farming has changed. All of the children found it very interesting and they especially enjoyed seeing relatives and neighbours in a lot of the old photographs. Continue reading Luing Pupils Visit The Atlantic Island Centre

World Book Day Celebrations at Luing

World Book Day at Luing 1To celebrate World Book Day every pupil came dressed as a character from one of their favourite books, we had a friendly pirate, a fireman, a ladybird, Burglar Bill, a tiger, Fantastic Mr Fox and Mrs Fox as well as characters from Harry Potter.

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Visit to the newly opened Atlantic Islands Centre

Luing PS Atlantic Ilsand CentreThe Atlantic Islands Centre on the Isle of Luing was open to visitors for the first time on Monday 25th May. Ukulele Luing – all the pupils from Luing Primary School – visited the centre and held a rehearsal (much to the delight of other visitors) of their performance for the official opening ceremony on 13th June. The children then had a wonderful time exploring the centre and were thrilled to recognise many friends and relatives in the interesting display by Luing Historical Society.

Luing and Easdale pupils enjoy a trip to Oban Airport!

Luing and Easdale VIist to Oban airportEarly level pupils from Luing and Easdale decided to visit Oban Airport as part of their transport topic. They enjoyed looking around the air traffic control tower before watching the Colonsay plane land! They were even allowed to sit on the plane. The firemen at the airport then showed the children their special fire engine and let them sit in the driver’s seat with the flashing lights on. The firemen also demonstrated how far the water shoots out from the hose. The children were excited to watch a helicopter landing. We all had a wonderful day!

Luing Pupils Visit Atlantic Island Site

All of the pupils of Luing Primary School were invited to visit the building site of the Atlantic Islands Centre in Cullipool. In preparation of this, they compiled a long list of questions. On arrival they were met by Andrew Pinkerton, the project development manager, Shona Cameron the architect, and Neil the site manager from McLeod Construction. All children were given a high vis jacket and a hard hat to wear. They then ventured into the building taking great care not to stand on the underfloor heating pipes, Andrew explained the layout and then answered lots of questions.

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Scarecrow Making

Our pupils in Early Level have been getting ready for spring by making an extremely scary scarecrow. They had fun deciding what he should wear, bringing in a choice of old (and not so old) clothes, from home. Tasteful no, effective yes!
At the moment he is in the entrance, greeting visitors with his scary smile. Once the seeds have been planted he will be moved into the garden.
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Coffee Afternoon at Luing Primary

Luing Primary School held a Fairtrade Coffee Afternoon on Thursday 6th March in aid of RNLI. Parents and members of the local community provided a delicious variety of cakes and biscuits, and a comprehensively stocked Fairtrade stall did great business.
Our visitors were treated to a first rendition of some new songs by Ukulele Luing, though the tempo of the tunes increased near the end, when the cakes became available! After only a couple of hours the hugely impressive amount of £137.68 was raised for the RNLI.

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Luing’s Burns Lunch

The children of Luing Primary School held a Burns Lunch and invited parents and friends to join them.

Mr Robertson played the haggis in and the older children gave the Address to the Haggis. After the Selkirk Grace, everyone was served a wonderful lunch cooked by Liz and Linda.

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Luing Primary School’s Holly Tea

On Thursday the 28th of November we had our Holly Tea. We sold lots of crafts like slate dominoes from slate collected on Luing. We also sold bunting, button garlands, glass tea lights, Christmas cards and much more. All the things were hand made by the pupils (with help from staff.) Parents and members of the community donated cakes for the baking stall which raised a lot of money. We had games like nail in the bale and guess how many sweets are in the jar. Continue reading Luing Primary School’s Holly Tea

Local artist Sian MacQueen visits Luing.

An energetic and exciting time was had by all pupils and staff when local artist Sian MacQueen came into school for six days. Sian talked about her work and brought in a large textured picture for the children to look at and feel. The children talked about their favourite places on Luing many of which they visited with Sian. Their first activity was dot painting creating an abstract on a map of Luing. They worked with clay making things they had seen when they were out and about.
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Luing Trip to the Falkirk wheel

The first and second level pupils from Luing Primary School had a fabulous trip to the Falkirk Wheel. They experienced going on the Wheel, learned how canals were built and had lots of fun in the play park and water park. My favourite part was on the wheel. We went on a huge canal boat that went extremely slowly. Once we were on the wheel it only took four minutes to go from the Forth and Clyde Canal to the Union Canal. It was so amazing and it was so quiet for its size. On the Union Canal we went through a massive tunnel called the Roughcastle Tunnel. Continue reading Luing Trip to the Falkirk wheel

News from Kilninver Primary School

Kilninver go camping
Maps, compasses, questions, challenges, songs and marshmallows round the campfire, sunny days and no midgies.
Kilninver primary went camping overnight on Kerrera with Stramash and returned with rosy cheeks.

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Generation Science visit Luing Primary

Generation Science visited Luing Primary School, with their workshop Fizz, Boom, Bang! All of the children including pre 5; were to be scientists for the morning. After donning protective gear, the experiments began. The challenge was to make a cool, colourful reaction.
First of all the children had to discover whether liquids were acid, neutral or alkaline, matching up the colour on an indicator chart. After this they then mixed up liquids and powders, making fizzing and colourful potions. Continue reading Generation Science visit Luing Primary

Easdale and Luing trip to Aviemore

P5,6 and 7 children from both Easdale and Luing traveled to Aviemore last week for two days of outdoor activities. Children experienced lots of new things, taking part in canoeing, sailing and mountain biking. They even had to brave hailstones and snow for the last activity! A great time was had by all children involved.

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Bird Box Making on Luing

Corey, Fergus and Kyle were all eager to make bird boxes so they asked Clare our classroom assistant, who helped them find instructions on the internet. Then under the close supervision of Clare they carefully measured and cut their pieces of wood to length. After lots of discussion, drilling and hammering three very happy boys appeared from the workshop with three unique bird boxes.

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WWF Earth Hour on the Isle of Luing

As part of our Eco Schools work the children decided to take part in WWF Earth Hour. They decided to wear something bright and also planned several outdoor activities to do for one hour; these included art using natural materials, having fun with the parachute and learning a new playground game. Unfortunately the weather was against us, and indoor activities had to be thought of.
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Red Nose Day – Wear something funny for money day on Luing

There was lots of laughter when the children appeared wearing something funny for money. Kyle and Corey had a backwards day, wearing their clothes back to front; fortunately this did not affect their work. Kurtis was hoping to hide away in the garden in his special floral camouflage suit. Everyone felt extra safe with Batman and Spiderman in the school, ready to swoop into action at the first sign of danger. The rest of the children arrived in their onesies, hoping for a sleepy and peaceful morning. Lots of fun was had playing games and we raised a total of £25.

Third Green Flag for Luing

Luing’s third green flag proudly hoisted.

Over the past two years all the pupils of Luing Primary have been working very hard towards their third green flag. They investigated the subjects: – waste minimisation, litter and water.

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