Local artist Sian MacQueen visits Luing.

An energetic and exciting time was had by all pupils and staff when local artist Sian MacQueen came into school for six days. Sian talked about her work and brought in a large textured picture for the children to look at and feel. The children talked about their favourite places on Luing many of which they visited with Sian. Their first activity was dot painting creating an abstract on a map of Luing. They worked with clay making things they had seen when they were out and about.

There was great excitement when Sian brought in the wood on which they were to create their abstract relief. Every child in the school including pre-5 were given sections of the plaster coated wood to work on, creating images in the plaster with a variety of objects. There were lots of oohs and ahs when they lifted the objects from the plaster and saw the impression made.

Applying the first colour with toothbrushes was great fun and they were amazed when given cloths to rub the paint off leaving different depths of colour. Adding second and third colours and seeing the colour transition was truly magical.

After the last session, Sian took away all 30 pieces of the picture to join together to make a vibrant image of Luing.

Everyone eagerly awaited Sian to return with the completed piece of work.
Wow was the general feeling. Everybody is extremely proud of his or her work.
We are still thinking of a title for our fabulous abstract.

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