Third Green Flag for Luing

Luing’s third green flag proudly hoisted.

Over the past two years all the pupils of Luing Primary have been working very hard towards their third green flag. They investigated the subjects: – waste minimisation, litter and water.

As part of their work on waste minimisation the children sent a survey to each household in the local community to find out what they recycle. The results of these surveys was collated and made into graphs. The children then created a leaflet informing people of what they can recycle locally. By doing this the children hope that more people will recycle more, helping the environment and charities.

The project on waste minimisation ended with a coffee afternoon in aid of Mary’s Meals with pupils explaining how two bags of old textiles can feed a child for a school year. Julie MacFarlane-Barrow came to the school to collect the cheque and talk further about the work of Mary’s Meals.

The children continued to keep the school grounds and surrounding area litter free. There were also lots of trips to Blackmill Bay to carry out beach cleans. Posters were made about how litter is dangerous to animals and these were put up in prominent places around the island.

The project on water included work: – on the water cycle, water equity, the importance of clean water, how litter affects sea life, The Great Pacific Garbage Patch – which raised a lot of debate about how it could be solved. When learning about water equity and the importance of clean water the children chose to support the charity Water Aid.

A big thank you to the local community for supporting our fund raising events and helping in all of our eco school projects.

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  1. Well done Luing, a third green-flag is a real achievement and you should be very proud of your efforts.

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