Salen Primary Hosts Rugby World Cup

Salen Rugby World Cup 1Five countries battled for supremacy with Ireland achieving world domination when they scooped up the prestigious Rugby World Cup at Salen Primary School.

This event was made possible with the help of Mr Gus Whyte who kindly refereed and Mrs Babs Whyte, PE Teacher. The children of Salen Primary School were joined by children from Lochdonhead Primary and Ulva Primary Schools as part of their normal PE sessions.

Salen Rugby World Cup 2Salen Rugby World Cup 5

The pupils’ chosen participants were Australia, Japan, Scotland, South Africa and, of course, Ireland. They enjoyed learning about the participating countries, learning about the history of the Rugby World Cup, and particularly enjoyed consolidating and enhancing their tag rugby skills.

Salen Rugby World Cup 3Salen Rugby Wold Cup 4

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