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Salen Primary Hosts Rugby World Cup

Salen Rugby World Cup 1Five countries battled for supremacy with Ireland achieving world domination when they scooped up the prestigious Rugby World Cup at Salen Primary School.

This event was made possible with the help of Mr Gus Whyte who kindly refereed and Mrs Babs Whyte, PE Teacher. The children of Salen Primary School were joined by children from Lochdonhead Primary and Ulva Primary Schools as part of their normal PE sessions. Continue reading Salen Primary Hosts Rugby World Cup

A feast of Local Foods at Salen Primary Health Day

Health Day Salen PS2Primary 6 pupils from Salen, Lochdonhead and Ulva Primary schools treated all staff and pupils to a lunch of locally produced food as the highlight of Health Day where the theme was Healthy Eating. They took over the school kitchen for the morning and, under the guidance of sous chef Michael Shannon from the Western Isles Hotel, assisted by Iona, and Eilidh and Debbie from the school kitchen, they prepared and served a feast of wonderful Mull produce which had been kindly donated by local producers.
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Ulva Primary School Burns Lunch 23rd January 2014

At Ulva Primary School on Thursday 23rd of January we had a fabulous Burns Lunch. We fed 24 people Cock-a-leekie soup, followed by delicious Isle of Mull Haggis, neeps and tatties. Later we finished off with Granny Carol’s scrumptious cloutie dumpling and custard.
We played Scottish Pass the Parcel and some forfeits were hilarious, like having to do the highland fling.
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Ulva School make Flowers in the Forest

The children and staff from Ulva Primary School had a brilliant time making big flowers and ‘planting’ them in the woodland at Calgary Art in Nature.
We were pleased to see the sun was shining on Friday as we headed off to Calgary with our waterproofs packed in our bags. When we arrived we met Symon and Kim from Vision Mechanics who were going to show us how to make the flowers. We had a lovely walk around the woodland looking at the Giant Heads and the other sculptures in the Forest.

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red nose day at Ulva Primary School

On Red Nose Day people at Ulva Primary School dressed up silly. We had a James Bond, a superdiver, a vampire skeleton, a boy dressed up as a princess, a vampire from Trannsylvania, Indianana Jones and a Shrek bird.

All the children did a sponsored cycle circuit-athon in the playground. We did laps for 20 minutes and we were fantastic, especially as it was snowing and hailing!
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Ulva Primary School Burns Lunch

On Friday all of our Mums and Dads came to the school for our Burns Lunch. Aaron and Sorley were the chairmen and they welcomed everyone.
We made tartan banners for the ceiling and we had tartan bunting. We all wore tartan kilts and checked shirts. We set the tables with tartan mats and tartan name tags and we planned where everyone was going to sit. Everyone said the Selkirk Grace before we ate the Cock a leekie soup. It was delicious. Continue reading Ulva Primary School Burns Lunch

Ulva School raises money for Children in Need

Last Friday we all paid £1 to come to school in our pyjamas…. even the teachers.  It was good fun but we all seemed to feel tired all day!  In the afternoon we decided we would invite parents and friends to a concert in the school and then sell them tea and cakes.  Beccy, our music instructor, helped us to plan the concert.  We played our violins and cellos and sang songs in Gaelic and English.  Continue reading Ulva School raises money for Children in Need

Ulva Potato Harvest

Last May we had planted potatoes in big yellow tubs in our school garden.  We watched the plants grow … and then die down.  After the summer holidays we decided to wait a few weeks and then harvest our potatoes on a sunny day. 

We had to tip the tubs up to empty out the soil and then hunt for the potatoes.  We collected lots of potatoes.  We counted them, ordered them according to their size and weighed them.  We had collected nearly 2 kilograms of lovely potatoes.
Next week we will make some lunch dishes with our potatoes.  We hope they taste good!!
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