Our Visit to Winston Churchill’s by P5 pupil Brooklyn

Strone visit to Winston Churchill's 1On Thursday the 26th November, Strone Primary School went to Winston Churchill’s to talk to them about venison and all the things that you can make from venison. We wanted to visit because we wanted to find local produce that we could use for our evening meal that we are cooking in The Pier Hotel in Kilmun in the New Year.
We had decided upon venison sausages and wanted to see how they are made and where they come from.

Firstly we went to the shed where we all sat down and watched a presentation. The presentation showed us how the land use in Argyll has changed over the years and why the deer have to be culled.

Winston told us that he has to shoot them because it would be overpopulated and they wouldn’t get any food and they would die anyway from hunger. We went in to see the larder after we had seen where they weigh them. Then we went to the kitchen and there were two butchers that let us chop the venison. After that they showed us how to package the venison.

Strone visit to Winston Churchill's 3Strone visit to Winston Churchill's 2

We all got shown how to make sausage and burgers made out of venison. Then we all had a BBQ so that we could taste what we had made. We had burgers and sausages and tasted venison and it was delightful. We had an excellent day and would like to thank Winston and his team for making us so welcome.

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