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Healthy Living Project

It’s all swings and roundabouts in Primary 6 at Rhu as pupils have been designing their own Healthy Living Theme Park.
The project has been a homework topic this term and children have taken the theme of a healthy, balanced lifestyle and turned it into a business venture. They have each designed their own theme park, with the emphasis on being active and eating healthy food. So gone are the burgers and coke to be replaced by smoothie bars and fruit snack shops.

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The Great Outdoors

Primary 6 pupils have been finding out what life was like in the Stone Age during a programme of outdoor learning in their local woodlands.
The class have been reading Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver, which is a novel set in the Mesolithic Period. To bring the story to life, they have been visiting Ardenconnel Woods to experience a Stone Age existence.

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Healthy Rhu

Pupils at Rhu Primary School are glowing with health after taking part in their first whole school health week.
The children had an active, fun-packed week filled with sport, fitness activities and learning about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. A wide range of visiting health professionals and sports people helped to ensure pupils at every stage in the school had a great experience.

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P1 and P2 have been sharing their learning with parents and carers on a Friday afternoon. Pupils, parents and carers have participated in expressive arts, literacy and numeracy activities. Weekly sessions have continued to give parents, pupils and teachers the opportunity to learn together in co-operative learning groups.

The Giant Egg Discovery


P1 and P2 at Rhu made an ‘eggxciting’ discovery in the playground earlier this term. Imagine our surprise when we found a giant nest with an enormous egg inside! On researching eggs, taking advice from our resident palaeontologist, dissecting droppings and reading lots of books, we thought it could be a dinosaur.

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‘Twelve days of Christmas’ to Malawi

rhu-puppet-co-malawiThe P5 Pupils of Rhu Primary brought the ‘Twelve days of Christmas’ to Malawi.
Through their script writing, puppet making and puppet show performances they raised over £500 for the Nora Docherty School. At the end of term service the school will perform the song the Twelve days of Christmas with new words telling of the equipment sent. Happy Christmas Malawi!

Magic Castle Celebrations at Rhu Primary

rhu-magic-castle-1-parentThe P4 children at Rhu Primary recently celebrated their hard work for ‘The Magic Castle topic’ with friends and family. The pupils held an open afternoon where they gave visitors a guided tour of the ‘Great Hall’. Wall displays included Suits of Armour, Castle Maps, Fantasy Broomsticks, Owl collages, Secret Panels and even a Magic Spell Recipe book! The children also demonstrated how to build a catapult using lolly sticks and elastic bands!

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World War Two Tea Dance at Rhu Primary School

rhu-ww1-tea-danceTo mark the end of their World War 1 and 2 studies Primary 7 pupils celebrated in style with a 1945 inspired Tea Dance. As well as baking delicious ‘Anzac’ biscuits the pupils delved into their ration books and had sufficient coupons to make ‘carrot cookies’. Throughout the term the children have been learning how to jive and completed the day by sharing their newly acquired dance skills with their parents.

Scottish Food Tasting at Rhu Primary

rhu-food-tasting-1Primary 1 & 2 pupils along with their teachers, enjoyed an afternoon of Scottish food tasting. They learned about the history of the dishes before trying them and discussed what they liked or disliked. The menu was: a piece and jam, haggis and an oatcake, followed by a piece of shortbread.

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5th Green Flag!

rhu-5th-green-flagRhu Primary School remain ‘Evergreen’, as we celebrate our 5th Green Flag. Christmas came early as the pupils received the joyous news. We were congratulated on our achievements in the topics of Biodiversity and Food in the Environment. We were also commended on our on-going beach cleans, which we have extended to the play park and Ardenconnel Woods. Eco Scotland were particularly impressed by our work on anti-dog fouling which was greatly appreciated by our local residents. The pupils are busily making plans to celebrate this great achievement in the New Year and we look forward to sharing this soon.

Tartan Tea Dance at Rhu Primary

rhu-tartan-tea-1On Friday 9th December, Primary 1 & 2 of Rhu Primary hosted a Tartan Tea Dance to celebrate their learning from their Scottish topic. The boys and girls danced traditional Scottish dances such as ‘The Canadian Barn Dance’ and ‘The Rhu Gordons’ and then invited their parents up to dance. They also sang Scottish themed songs, such as ‘Ya Cannae Shove Yer Granny Off A Bus’, ‘Katie Bairdie’ and ‘3 Craws’.

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Allan’s Road Safety Magic Show

Allan's Magic Show - CardrossPupils from Argyll and Bute’s Cardross Primary School had a ‘magical’ start to their week when they had a visit from Allan’s Road Safety Magic Show.
The innovative show uses magic tricks to highlight key road safety themes including safe places to cross, the importance of wearing bright clothing and keeping away from parked cars.

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Rhu P4 Healthy Sandwich – Food Technology

Rhu PS Food tech 1 May 2016Rhu P4 recently took part in a Food Technology project where they designed their own healthy sandwich. The children found out more about sandwich fillings, identified different food groups, found out about food hygiene and tasted a range of breads before making their healthy sandwich and eating it for lunch! The children brought their own ingredients and equipment on the day and successfully combined healthy ingredients to make some delicious looking sandwiches!

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Duchess Woods Cross Country

Rhu duchess 29th April 2016Speedy runners from Rhu scooped top prizes in the Duchess Woods Cross Country relays.
In the Primary 6 girls race Sasha Walker, Louisa Brown and Roisin Kavanagh all put in top class performances and galloped home in first place to take the gold medals. While the nippy boys team of Ross Carmichael, Max Brannan and William Harrison put up a strong performance against toug competition to secure third place. However, their combined times put them in the top spot for winning the overall Primary 6 shield.