Healthy Living Project

It’s all swings and roundabouts in Primary 6 at Rhu as pupils have been designing their own Healthy Living Theme Park.
The project has been a homework topic this term and children have taken the theme of a healthy, balanced lifestyle and turned it into a business venture. They have each designed their own theme park, with the emphasis on being active and eating healthy food. So gone are the burgers and coke to be replaced by smoothie bars and fruit snack shops.

The project has incorporated a wide range of skills from maths, literacy and design and technology. They have planned their profit margins, used scale drawings to design the layout of the park, created advertising posters and made intricate models of the parks. Some pupils used traditional model-making skills, while others opted to use their outdoor learning skills to build it with natural materials and send in photographs. Others chose to build using Knex and Lego, while the digital whizz-kids used Minecraft to create their designs.

The quality of the work was outstanding and P6 teacher Mrs Dye praised their excellent efforts: “This project has enabled children to make their own choices of how to meet the criteria and as a result, the quality and effort that has gone into this homework has been fabulous. I’m very proud of their achievements.”

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