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Edinburgh Celebration Event

Rockfield Primary Gaelic classes were delighted to receive an invitation from The Scottish Book Trust to showcase their hard work and endeavour at a celebration event for The First Minister’s Reading Challenge. The event was held at ‘The Hub’ in Edinburgh on the 20th June and Rachael Deans (Principal Teacher Gaelic), accompanied by Gaelic pupils Rufus Hughes (P5) and Bethan Neil (P4) had a great time sharing their work with the 400 strong audience as well as The First Minister Nicola Sturgeon herself.

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Sandbank Primary celebrates all things Scottish

The upper school classes at Sandbank Primary treated guests to an afternoon of Scottish celebrations last week. The Gaelic P 4-7, P5 and P6/7 classes joined forces to wow the audience with an array of performances, including bag pipes, fiddle, drums, piano, chanter, poetry recitals and highland dancing.
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Spòrs Gàidhlig

Tha tòrr spòrs air a bhith againn ann an Gàidhlig aig Bun-sgoil Bhogha Mòr. Diciadain 29 An t-Samhain, thàinig Alasdair Satchell dhan sgoil agus ionnsaich Clas 1-7 Gàidhlig mu eachdraidh Uilleam Ualas agus Raibeart Brus.  Ann an dà uair a shìde, chuala sinn mu bàs Rìgh Alastair III, Eideard Longshanks, Toom Tabard, Uilleam Ualas agus Raibeart Brus aig Blàr Allt a’ Bhonnaich.  Ach cha robh sinn dìreach ag èisteachd, bha sinn a’ glaodhaich sluagh-gairm agus a’cruthachadh dràma beag no dhà.  Chòrd e rinn gu mòr agus dh’ionnsaich sinn tòrr.

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Crofting Connections at Parklands School

We would like to share with everyone our project in association with Crofting Connections.

This term the Selkie class are looking at the life of a sheep, with the visit of sheep and lambs to school, dying fleece, spinning, weaving and felting. Today we had a visit from Joy Dunlop who taught us some Gaelic, traditional Gaelic waulking songs and step dancing. She was amazing and we really enjoyed her time with us.

Gaelic Learners Education Opportunities for (GLPS)

A & B logoThere are spaces available on this year’s GLPS course.

The training programme is held at Stirling Court Hotel and is centrally funded.
Those who have undertaken the GLPS training in the past are full of praise for the tools and confidence it has given them to deliver Gaelic Language Learning in their settings. The closing date for the participants to put their name forward via their Headteacher is Friday 9th September 2016

1+2 Languages Newsletter

Blog PictureTake a look at the recent edition of the Argyll & Bute 1+2 Languages Newsletter. This latest edition is full of useful information for practitioners. You can learn about all the resources for teaching languages which are available within the authority. You can also find out who can provide training and support for teaching languages.

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Heavenly Bowmore Choir Hosts Lunch!

Bowmore Heavenly ChoirOn Monday 7th March, 22 very excited children took the bus up to our Gaelic College to be part of the opening celebrations of Bowmore’s Lunch Club. This new club has been set up by Gill Chasemore who invited our choir to sing as part of the ceremony.
They sang a toe-tapping selection, including their Mod winning entry Puirt à Beul!
All club members enjoyed the performance as well as all the other visitors at the college. The choir and their conductor, Alison Gray, enjoyed not one but two rounds of applause – and they deserved it!

Bowmore Primary’s Heavenly Nativity!

Bowmore Christmas NativityOur Round Church in Bowmore was buzzing on the evening of the 21st of December. Not only downstairs was full, but the upper seats were being taken as well! Our Nativity and Carols by Candlelight Service was being presented there this year. It seemed extra special and very fitting to hold our nativity in the Round Church. It was lovely to be greeted by our school flautists – they had very nicely set the tone for the evening and again played as we left after the service along with other members of the Primary Wind Band.
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Rockfield Early Level Department Nativity

RPS and GMU NovDec Nativity 2015 1The pupils in the ELCC and Primary 1 have been working very hard over the last couple of weeks and put on a fantastic performance of ‘A Little Nativity’ to a massive audience last week! All 110 children had their chance to shine on the stage and the audience were treated to fantastic singing, acting and percussion playing. The boys and girls or Sgoil Araich and P1 Gaelic joined together to sing a beautiful Gaelic lullaby. Tea and Shortbread were served afterwards and everyone left feeling very festive!
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Harvest Lunch

Bowmore PS Harvest 2Harvest Lunch / Biadh Buain

The children of Primary 3 at Bowmore Primary School along with their parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles have just enjoyed a very tasty Harvest Lunch.
Tha a’ chlann ann an Clas 3 aig Bun-sgoil Bhogha Mòr agus am pàrantan, seann-phàrantan is eile air Biadh Buain a ghabhail còmhla.
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FilmG 2015 – 2016

Gaelic dgsS1Fiolmadh3Bha sgoilearean AS2/AS3 agus AS1 a’ gabhail pairt anns an co-fharpais ‘FilmG’ an seachdainn seo. Rinn iad suas sgeul aca fhèin agus chaidh iad a-mach anns a’ choimhearsneachd airson fiolmadh a dhèanamh. Tha iad uile a’ coimhead air adhart ri gearradh an ath-sheachdainn le Cailean agus Caxy, oidean FilmG. Air 16mh den t-Samhain, bidh ar sgoilearan as sinne a’ fiolmadh an sgeul aca fhèin.
Cùm d’ shuil a-mach airson fiosrachadh mu bhotadh. Tha ar fiolmachadh bho an-uiridh agus 2013 air an làrach aig FilmG.
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Local History Display – Glenbranter Forestry Office July 2015

Sandbank Glenbranter office 1Taisbeanach – Ard na Blathaich
Chuir clas 6/7 o Bhunsgoil Thaigh a’Chladaich crioch air an topaic aca mun eachdraidh ionadail le taisbeanach san oifis Coiltearachd Gleann a’Bhrandaidh o chionn ghoirid.
Sandbank Primary’s GM6/7 ended their topic on local history by setting up an exhibition in the Glenbranter Visitor Centre and Forestry Offices.

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Crofting Connections – the story of wool

Sandbank Crofting Connections  card 12Rinn clas Ghaidhlig 6/7 ealain le cloimhe. B’fheudar dhuinn cìreadh, snìomh agus breabadaireachd a dh’ionnsachadh. Chuir sinn dathan nadarrach air an cloimhe cuideachd.
As part of our local history study and Crofting Connections programme, Sandbank GMU 6/7 worked on their handcraft skills to complete a piece of textile art together. We took the inspiration of a croft as the basis for a wall hanging, seeing as we had researched an abandoned farm settlement near Loch Eck.
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Ma thèid thu sìos dhan choille an-diugh

Bowmore Bothan 1Diluain 16 An t-Ògmhios, chaidh a’ chlann ann an Clas 4-6 aig Bun-sgoil Bhogha Mòr dhan choille aig Beul an Atha. An toiseach, chaidh sinn dhan Ghàrradh Choimhearsnachd airson beagan measan is glasraich fhaighinn. Gu mi-fhortanach, air sgàth an droch aimsir, cha robh mòran ri fhaighinn ach fhuair sinn leiteis, chives, radish agus beagan rùbarab.

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