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Why Learn a Language?

https://blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/ab/sali/files/2016/09/12-Newsletter-summer-17-final-3.pdfDiscover the latest edition of the Argyll & Bute 1+2 Languages Newsletter. This contains all the most recent updates on resources, training and innovative language projects. You will have received a copy from your school enquiries or alternatively you can click HERE

Regional Winner of the French Drama Competition

drama-2La Concours de la francophonie
Well done to the P5 class of Dunoon Primary School for winning the regional final of the French Drama competition. The class were involved in an interdisciplinary learning project about the Titanic. They then developed a French drama linked with this project and sang a traditional French song about a sailor and the sea. Their winning entry can be seen HERE . They have now been entered into the national final. We wish them every success in the next stage of the competition.

Topical French Resources – Guy Fawkes and Remembrance Day

s5_logoTake a look at the http://www.growstorygrow.com/  for some great French stories you can use in your classroom. These topical stories suitable for upper primary school. You will find the Guy Fawkes story under the French list of stories.
The Remembrance Day story is in the English list of stories (No.33) because it is a mixture of English, French and German. This is a moving story about war and those who died. It is particularly poignant because it illustrates how we all experience the same emotions no matter what our nationality.