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Disgusting Digestion

We had a great session with the Glasgow Science outreach service. They came to teach us about the whole process of digestion from start to finish!

We started with a cream cracker challenge, which showed the importance of saliva. Frankie and Lily Jane just couldn’t get those two crackers eaten in 2 minutes.

We saw how the food we eat gets mushed up in our mouth, stomach and intestines and watched Ms Scanlan catch the end product!!!

Reading Challenge

The P 6/7 s have been working hard on their reading this term. Some of the bairns have made a super effort to read more frequently, or more difficult books, or read books by unfamiliar authors. Ms Scanlan had a really difficult job deciding which two pupils should get a Β£10 book voucher. In the end she had to put several names in a hat and the two well-deserved winners were Michaela Christie and Jemima Budge. Well done to all the excellent and enthusiastic readers in P6/7!


African drumming assembly with Joy

Joy Duncan has worked with all our classes this term and what a treat it was today to hear and watch all the different drumming, singing and dancing from all over Africa.

Every class performed something quite different and the audience loved it. It was clear by looking at all the children, that they really enjoyed their learning too.

Thanks Joy, looking forward to the next drumming lessons already πŸ₯