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Children in Need

This week the Pupil Council made cupcakes for Children in Need. We went to the canteen to make them on Wednesday. We made over 200, one for everyone in the school and the rest were taken to be sold in Mainlands. We decorated them on Thursday. We put thick icing on them and the Pudsey rice paper topping.
Today we are having a pyjama day and at break time we handed out a tray of cakes to each class.
We are hoping to make money for this through Parent pay and a donations bucket at the shop.
On the bucket there are pictures from the competition, won by Rachel P4/5/7 and Lauren P2/3/4.
We hope you enjoyed the cakes and will make a donation
Thank you to all parents for their donations and to the canteen for helping us to make the cakes and Mrs Henderson for the ingredients.
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Week 8

We have had a lovely week, with a mixture of activities.

Some of our class went on a transition visit to Sandwick Junior High School and they enjoyed the range of activities. Next week they will have their 2 full days at the school.

Everyone has been very busy making in our enterprise project making lots of items for sale next week…watch this space. They made questionnaires too and on Friday did some market research for ideas about prices and designs.

Our drama projects are coming together and we’ll start filming next week.

We were really interested to hear back from family and friends in the Nepal climate change project and we had a great discussion about what changes we thought had occurred over the last few decades – there certainly doesn’t seem to be as much snow in the winters and some of the animals that we see are different.

Thanks to Ellie, we had a really interesting end to the week. She had been given some owl pellets by a relative. Last time we looked at owl pellets we only found mouse and rat remains from the Shetland long eared owls. This time we found lots more prey items – rats, mice, voles and shrews from the Barn owl pellets.