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Today is our final STEM session.

We started off by doing a sort activity about different types of energy.

Then we made a solar and wind farm.

Robert Leask really enjoyed making the power sources with Toby, Roman and Daniel.

Faith said “ It was really good fun to see how many volts our model generated – it was 4 volts!”

Isaac said “I liked fiddling around with all the little pieces. “

Mia especially enjoyed building the wind turbines.



On Tuesday 17th September, two scientists from the Edinburgh Observatory came to talk to us about space and rockets. They showed us part of one of the Skylark rockets that had been designed in Edinburgh 50 years ago and had been sent into space to take UV images.

We then had an opportunity to make our own rockets. These were launched in the multi-court and some fired right out of the multi-court!

Terrific Scientific Forces

P6 have had a great day finding out about air resistance. We looked at videos of Olympic cyclists and saw how much air resistance affects their performances. We read about sports scientists and what they do in their jobs to help sports people achieve better speeds in their races.

In groups, we planned and carried out investigations into ways to change the speed at which objects drop and we watched a video about parachutes.

Today we planned and made things to wear to slow ourselves down, using air resistance. We each made a costume. We timed ourselves running a 50m race normally and then we did it with our costumes on to see how it affected our speed. It did, by between 1-4seconds! Here are some of the photos.