WW II Veteran Visits Primary 6/7


Geordie and his grandson Michael with their appreciative audience.

Primary 6/7  spent a fascinating afternoon in the company of WW II veteran Geordie Mainland as he recounted many of his wartime experiences, including the vital role he played in helping to survey the Normandy beaches in the lead up to the D-Day Landings on 6th June 1944.

Geordie was accompanied by his grandson Michael who gave a presentation of photographs taken during their recent visit to Normandy. It was the first time Geordie had returned to Normandy since the conflict and it had been a moving experience for them both as they visited the beaches, monuments, museums and war cemeteries- all reminders of the true cost of War.

As we have been studying WWII the children were thrilled to have the opportunity to hear a first-hand account of preparations in the lead-up to  D-Day and what it was really like to be part of it.

Eve, Ally, Bertie and Cerys all said how enjoyable and interesting the visit had been.

Carys thought it was really fascinating and moving that he had actually been involved in the Normandy Landings.

We would like to say a huge thank you to both Geordie and Michael for taking the time to share their fascinating memories, knowledge and experiences with us.

Jacob and Fearghas drew an excellent detailed drawing of the D-Day Landings to present to Geordie in thanks for his visit.

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Primary 6 Play Leader Assessment

Today Primary 6 pupils have been at play leader training where they put their new skills to the test. They have been working with Primary 2/3 to help them play a lot of new games .

Emmy, Christie, Ruby, Ryan, Lilly-Jane, Ronan, Holly, Jake, Jessica, Shane, Tia and Archie have really enjoyed working with the class to develop their skills in playleader training.

Tia- I really enjoyed playing with the little ones and had fun learning the games we played.

Ruby- Itwas fun but some of them didn’t listen well and I enjoyed learning the games.

Archie- It was fun but they were very energetic.

Emmy- I enjoyed it but sometimes it could get a bit over the top.

Lilly Jane-It was good working with the little ones.

Jake- it was so much fun and I enjoyed it a lot.

Posted by Ayla and Molly

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