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Biodiversity Talks

This week the Primary 7s made their Biodiversity presentations to the class. They have worked very hard on these, first doing their research, then writing a report, next they made their presentations using powerpoints, posters etc and finally today they presented them to the class. Ms Scanlan was very impressed. She thought that they had found out some excellent information, organised it well and presented it clearly to the class. WELL DONE!

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Week 5

This week Primary 7s have been starting to make their ppts or posters for their presentations. We learnt how to make an engaging ppt and what sort of things we need to put in them. Ms Scanlan is really looking forward to hearing /seeing them next week.

The class worked together to produce a lovely instrumental piece for the Christmas show – but we’re not telling you what it is!

On Friday we had our first transition meeting. This year it was online. On Monday we had written questions and sent them to Mrs Adamson. All the three cluster schools joined in today and we heard all about Sandwick. It was great to have our questions answered and to see some of the staff and what the school is like.

This afternoon we are working on our advent calendar display. We have also talked about our ‘giving advent calendar’. This year more than ever it is important to donate to the food bank, so any donations will be gratefully received.

Have a lovely weekend, Ms Scanlan

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Week 3

We have had another busy week. We have been starting to plan our Biodiversity group projects, deciding what to find out about, learning how to write a report and deciding who and when we will do what! Ms Scanlan is looking forward to the final presentations. We have been learning a bit more about adaptations to the environment and extinctions. In French we have been continuing to write/ talk about animals and this week we learnt to use a few more adjectives. In maths we have been learning a few more mental maths multiplication methods, before we start on the standard methods next week.
Have a good weekend.

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Week 2

It has been another busy week, with lots of different activities. Yesterday the class wrote imaginative bonfire poems. Today we took advantage of a beautiful November’s day, to do some maths tables work outside and we finished the day doing the Boddam Loop walk (thanks to Michelle for coming along with us).

Have a good weekend everyone and stay safe.

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Halloween animations

We hope these don’t scare you too much!!! Happy Halloween

Stop Motion Animation

The Primary 7 bairns have been developing their digital skills using Stop Motion animation. They have worked so imaginatively and enthusiastically on their Halloween creations, learning lots of tricks for effectively adding video and sound.

The final video versions will follow. I hope they don’t scare you too much!!!