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Supa Modo

On Wednesday 4th September, Primary 7 went to Mareel. We went to see the Supa Modo, which had been brought to Shetland for Screen Play.

It is a Kenyan film about a girl called Jo.  Obsessed with Jackie Chan and action films, nine-year-old Jo dreams of being a superhero, but time is not on her side. When the doctors reveal that she is terminally ill, Jo leaves the hospital and returns home to be with her mum and sister. While her mum insists that she stay inside and rest, her sister has different plans. With the entire village’s support, they decide to make dreams a reality and turn Jo into the superhero they know she is.

We really enjoyed the film and afterwards had a chance to make our own superhero masks.

Isaiah thought it was a really good film, it was really good the way everyone helped her in the film and all the village froze.

Becca said it was really different and it showed us how some people in Kenya live.

Thank you to Milly and Martin, who came with us to Mareel.

Kenyan Penpals

During the October holidays Ms Scanlan received an email from Lomayana school, full of wonderful messages and pictures for the class. It is always lovely to see the beautiful designs and drawings that they send and it’s great to hear back from them all and see how they are getting on.

Here is a photo of the class with their messages.

Visit from French Teachers from Cannes

This week Suzy Drogy-Meier and Yann Gueyffier from Cannes came to visit our school on  Tuesday and Wednesday. They really enjoyed their visit and loved meeting the class and all the staff. They visited lots of classes and enjoyed working with the children, having conversations in French, reading books and helping our class write to their new pen pals in French. We’re looking forward to working together this year.

École communale Jacqueline de Romilly, Cannes

During the first week of the holidays Ms Scanlan travelled with a group of teachers from Shetland to work with colleagues in Cannes, France. She visited École communale Jacqueline de Romily and met the class who will be pen pals with our class. This evening the French teachers arrived in Shetland and will be visiting our school on Wednesday and Thursday.

Primary 5/6 and 6/7 will be writing to their new friends soon and finding out all about France.


Rainforest Study

We have been learning all about rainforests this term. We’ve learnt lots of interesting information and facts about the rainforests and we’ve learnt that they give us medicines, foods and oxygen.  We made posters about destroying the rainforest, and we also made board games about saving the rainforests to teach other people some facts about it. We looked at all the different animals in the rainforest and sorted them into which countries they came from. We  loved learning about rainforests!

We also made posters about the indigenous people that live in a variety of rainforests across the world.



We were shocked to learn that rainforests are still being destroyed unnecessarily. In groups we chose to find out more about one of the reasons rainforests are still being destroyed. We made information posters to share our findings with the rest of the class.

Rainforest Games

In groups we designed and made Rainforest board games with lots of fun information and facts . We had lots of different ideas and can’t wait untill other classes  play them!

Here we are with the games we made.