Rainforest Study

We have been learning all about rainforests this term. We’ve learnt lots of interesting information and facts about the rainforests and we’ve learnt that they give us medicines, foods and oxygen.  We made posters about destroying the rainforest, and we also made board games about saving the rainforests to teach other people some facts about it. We looked at all the different animals in the rainforest and sorted them into which countries they came from. We  loved learning about rainforests!

We also made posters about the indigenous people that live in a variety of rainforests across the world.



We were shocked to learn that rainforests are still being destroyed unnecessarily. In groups we chose to find out more about one of the reasons rainforests are still being destroyed. We made information posters to share our findings with the rest of the class.

Rainforest Games

In groups we designed and made Rainforest board games with lots of fun information and facts . We had lots of different ideas and can’t wait untill other classes  play them!

Here we are with the games we made.


One thought on “Rainforest Study”

  1. I think this is one of my favourite topics. It always amazes me how vast the rainforests are. I can’t believe after all the lessons we have learned over the years that there is still so much destruction.
    Your games look interesting. I hope to have a game with some of you!

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