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Topic Planning

Last week P6/7 started to plan the next two sections of their French topic. We found out about what everyone already knows, watched a few short videos about France and then using our skills planner, decided what we could do next.

Each group planned what they are going to include for their group and each group member decided what they are going to do each week. We’re really looking forward to finding out and presenting all the information.


Today we had our last STEM  session. Emma Chittick was really pleased with all the skills that the class demonstrated, not just ICT skills, but cooperation and helping each other too.

Cole said “It was fun, going around the pretend city. It was also fun controlling the robots and telling them what to.”

Archie said “It was good.  I most enjoyed programming the robots.”

Christie said “I loved the way you could do the task in your own way.”

Joanna said “ It was fun and it could make people more aware about all the different things you can do with screens.”

Emmy said “It was to learn about the driverless cars and the advantages and disadvantages of them.”

Faith “It was fun to programme your  own robot.”

Paper Bag Challenge

P6/7 have been working in ‘family’ groups to imagine they are paper bag makers on the streets of Kolkata, India. Each group has to try to earn their living by making the bags. The activity gave us an idea of some of the pressures that force children into work and look at the economic systems that exploit vulnerable communities.

At the end of our session we counted up our money and worked out what we could afford to buy. For some groups there wasn’t even enough money to buy necessities (food) for each family each day.

Child labour affects lots of children all around the world.

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