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Loch Insh Day 3

Still fine weather as I write but there is rain and wind forecast later – doesn’t matter here as the bairns are soaking wet half the time anyway!

Today the groups have cycling, archery/problem solving and sailing or sailing, cycling and raft building.

I am so impressed by the bairns so far.  They are all up for the challenges and really doing themselves, the schools and their families proud.

There are a few tired faces – mainly staff!


Loch Insh Trip – Day 1

Wow! What a busy day.

We were all up at 6 for breakfast on the boat. The bairns all did ever so well again, being polite and well behaved. They all left their cabins ship shape!

We left Aberdeen at 7.30. A lot of excited chatter from all the bairns on the bus. We stopped at Tesco in Huntley for a snack and then set off for Landmark.

We arrived at 11am. The bairns really enjoyed exploring the park and challenged themselves to try the activities.  They were all very independent and responsible.  A lot of supporting and encouraging each other.

We set off for Loch Insh and arrived at 4pm.  We had dinner at 4.30 and then had a short while to unpack before having our briefing talk.

The first activity was called ‘Wayfind’ and it was exactly that. Teams of 4 used map reading skills to solve clues. This all helped the bairns find their way around the site.

Supper and phone time followed at 9. Lots of the bairns were asking to go to bed! They have had a very busy day and were all tired! No wonder.

They are all asleep now and I’m looking forward to our first full day in Loch Insh. It is absolutely beautiful here. I’m sure we will have an excellent day tomorrow. I only ask for a little more wind to blow the midges away!


Loch Insh day 4

Yesterday we were kayaking, canoeing, archery, problem solving and had a disco in the evening. What a fantastic end to the trip.

Logan has most enjoyed everything!

Reece especially enjoyed the canoeing

Luke loved the archery , problem solving and everything else.

Calum has enjoyed all of it too.

Kyle loved mountain biking and kayaking.

Ben loved the archery

Ms Scanlan loved the way that all the P7s were up for everything and put 100% into the week.

Loch Insh Trip 2017

We had a really smooth trip last night and after picking up Reece and Calum in Aberdeen, we headed to Landmark for an afternoon of fun.

At 4 we arrived in Loch Insh and we’re sitting in the restaurant now in the sunshine having our tea. Later on tonight we’ll be heading out for our first activity – way finding (orienteering).

I hope you enjoy the photos.