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Loch Insh Day 3

Still fine weather as I write but there is rain and wind forecast later – doesn’t matter here as the bairns are soaking wet half the time anyway!

Today the groups have cycling, archery/problem solving and sailing or sailing, cycling and raft building.

I am so impressed by the bairns so far.  They are all up for the challenges and really doing themselves, the schools and their families proud.

There are a few tired faces – mainly staff!


Loch Insh Trip 2017

We had a really smooth trip last night and after picking up Reece and Calum in Aberdeen, we headed to Landmark for an afternoon of fun.

At 4 we arrived in Loch Insh and we’re sitting in the restaurant now in the sunshine having our tea. Later on tonight we’ll be heading out for our first activity – way finding (orienteering).

I hope you enjoy the photos.