Screenplay ‘Secrets of War’

Today all of Primary 6 and 7 went by bus up to Mareel to see a Screenplay film called ‘Secrets of War’. It was set in Holland during WWII when Holland was under occupation by the Nazis. It was about three children and how the war affected their friendship.

After watching the film we took part in a workshop to do with emotions and how the characters would have felt at different times throughout the film.

We will be writing our own film reviews for Secrets of War at school.

Niamh said, “I thought it was a good film because the actors showed the emotions very well.”

“I thought it was a very educational film,” remarked Ayla.

Eve really enjoyed the film and although it was sad, the elderly lady  in it made her laugh sometimes.

The New Primary 7 experience their first John Muir Challenge

The sun was shining, the sea was calm, which all  helped to make Primary 7’s first John Muir Day a huge success.  Everyone returned to school full of exciting  recounts about their canoeing adventure. There was a great sense of achievement within the class at over-coming fears and pushing their own boundaries.  A huge thank you to  all who enabled this trip to take place; John and Jill who lead the day, Mrs Leslie, John and Vaila who accompanied the pupils (even the grown-ups had a super time).

As Molly said on her return, “Can we just go back to the start of the day and do it all again?”

Everyone getting their buoyancy aids on .

Bertie ready to go.

People were taking photographs of us as we paddled

alongside the cruise ship Hebridean Sky.

A highlight was exploring inside a cave.

A well deserved rest.

We really enjoyed being able to jump into the sea.

We had to stand up and balance on the canoe.

Everyone agreed that it was the best day ever.

Lauryn said, “It was a new experience and I’d definitely do it again. It made me realise I can do things even when I think I can’t.”

Carys thought it was great fun and particularly enjoyed going in the cave.

“It was really great fun. It made me think positively,” said Zara.

Niamh was fascinated to see jellyfish in the cave.

Bertie commented, “Even though I was a bit stressed to begin with, overall it was a fun experience.”

Ciaran thought the whole day was great fun.

Michael said, “It was an amazing day and I hope to do it again.”






On the way back- everyone tired but extremely happy!