École communale Jacqueline de Romilly, Cannes

During the first week of the holidays Ms Scanlan travelled with a group of teachers from Shetland to work with colleagues in Cannes, France. She visited École communale Jacqueline de Romily and met the class who will be pen pals with our class. This evening the French teachers arrived in Shetland and will be visiting our school on Wednesday and Thursday.

Primary 5/6 and 6/7 will be writing to their new friends soon and finding out all about France.


My Friend Selma

On the 4th of September the P5/6/7 went to  Cunningsburgh Hall to go to see a play about a young girl called Selma, who grew  up in Bosnia during the war in the 1980s.  She had to leave because her sister was really ill .  So they had to travel to Serbia it wasn’t safe for them so they decided to escape to another country called Slovenia. There were soldiers with guns at the borders who let some people in and turn others away.

They got on a coach of refugees and  a couple of days later they arrived in Britain by a coach. When they got to Springfield they lived in a giant building with lots of tiny flats which was only as small as one room. Later on Selma heard a knock on the door it was girl with who had a soft smile on her face. She said “Hi, I am Vicky” then Selma said “Wicky” and it kept on happening for a while then Vicky said “I am Wicky what’s your name? Selma said “I am Selma”. 

The two became friends and this play was written by Vicky to tell everyone the story.

I thought it was really good and entertaining and I was surprised at the end when she told us it was a real story – Isaac

By Cole and Mirrin


Our first John Muir Day


On Friday the 5 October the primary 7s went on our first John  Muir trip to Fladdabister. Pete Richerson came and met us at school , he gave us waterproofs , helments and backpacks. We got the equipment and went out to the mini bus, when we got to  Fladdabister, we have got our waterproofs, and backpacks on.

We set off heading North with partners and arrived at a square of stones, John  came to meet us.  Next Pete told us to get a different partner and follow him around the loch with a bit of distance between each pair. After a long walk we made it to the Fladdabister mills and sat down to have our snack,it was very nice and peaceful.

After snack we walk down the stream on our own with a bit of distance between us, we had to listen to the sound of the stream. When we got to Pete we got our helmets out our bags and put them on Pete made sure that they fitted. John did the rock climbing and stream jumping with us, we started easy and then got harder.we got down to a pebble bit at the bottom of the stream we had our lunch and left our backpacks behind when we went rock climbing. We climbed over lots of rocks and ended up in a massive cave where water was dripping off the edge and it looked incredible! We stayed at the cave for a little while and listened to all the lovely noises around us.  After that we went back, collected our bags and started walking back. We walked up a massive hill but after a little while we had a rest and there was a rainbow, Pete told us a story about a rainbow and after he told us the story we kept walking and got back to the mini bus and went back to school.

We all loved the day, it was fantastic thanks to Pete for taking us and we are all really looking forwards to the next John Muir Day!

By Ruby and Katie


Bike Ability

On Monday the 27th of August P6 did their first bikability session.   In bikability we practised doing high fives while cycling around the school multicourt.  Each Monday we did bikability for 50 mins.

On the second week we practised our safe starts. To do a safe start you have to look over your right shoulder, stick out your right arm for 3 seconds to indicate,  look over your right shoulder again and then pull out.  We also practised our safe stops. To do this you have to look over your right shoulder flap your right arm like a bird 3 times, look over your left shoulder then pull in

On the third week we went out on to the road and practised our left hand turns.  To do a left hand turn you have to look over your right shoulder, stick out your left hand for 3 seconds (to indicate),  look over your left shoulder and then turn in.

On the fourth week we practised our U turns and our right hand turns. For a U turn you look over your right shoulder, look ahead, look over your right shoulder again and then do a big turn in a shape of a U. To do a right hand turn you have to look over your right shoulder, indecate with your right hand for 3 seconds then look right before turning.

On week five we  practised passing a parked car.  To do this you have to look over your right shoulder indecate with your right arm pull out into the middle of the road, pass the car then pull back in.

On the sixth week we did our assessment what we had to do was go over all of that stuff again and see how well we did. Our teachers were Jennifer and Jackie we enjoyed it and it was great fun

By Drew and Callum P6 🙂