École communale Jacqueline de Romilly, Cannes

During the first week of the holidays Ms Scanlan travelled with a group of teachers from Shetland to work with colleagues in Cannes, France. She visited École communale Jacqueline de Romily and met the class who will be pen pals with our class. This evening the French teachers arrived in Shetland and will be visiting our school on Wednesday and Thursday.

Primary 5/6 and 6/7 will be writing to their new friends soon and finding out all about France.


2 thoughts on “École communale Jacqueline de Romilly, Cannes”

  1. Ca a été un agréable moment que d’être avec vous.
    C’était un grand honneur de vous rencontrer.
    La classe de CM2 de Jacqueline de Romilly.

    1. To everyone in CM2, how are you?
      We loved your letters and we hope that you like our cards.
      We can’t wait to hear back from you.
      From Primary 6/7.

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