Terrific Scientific Trees Investigation

Today we took part in our fourth Terrific Scientific investigation. This time we are investigating trees. We have to survey the 🌳 in the school grounds and record how tall they are and the circumference of their trunks. We will then use a carbon calculator to work out how much carbon each tree is storing. We will then calculate the total amount of carbon stored by all the trees in the school and learn about why trees storing carbon is important and where the carbon comes from.

This time we are sending our results to Leeds University and they will analyse the results from all the schools in the U.K.

If you want to see our results so far, you can look online at the Terrific Scientific website. There are lots of other activities on there too that children can do at home. We have also tried the ‘bouncing eggs’, which was a lot of fun.

Learning to measure trees

Disgusting Digestion

We had a great session with the Glasgow Science outreach service. They came to teach us about the whole process of digestion from start to finish!

We started with a cream cracker challenge, which showed the importance of saliva. Frankie and Lily Jane just couldn’t get those two crackers eaten in 2 minutes.

We saw how the food we eat gets mushed up in our mouth, stomach and intestines and watched Ms Scanlan catch the end product!!!