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Terrific Scientific Forces

P6 have had a great day finding out about air resistance. We looked at videos of Olympic cyclists and saw how much air resistance affects their performances. We read about sports scientists and what they do in their jobs to help sports people achieve better speeds in their races.

In groups, we planned and carried out investigations into ways to change the speed at which objects drop and we watched a video about parachutes.

Today we planned and made things to wear to slow ourselves down, using air resistance. We each made a costume. We timed ourselves running a 50m race normally and then we did it with our costumes on to see how it affected our speed. It did, by between 1-4seconds! Here are some of the photos.

Tree Identification

Following on from the Terrific Scientific project, Primary 6/7 made the most of the good weather, to go and make identification sketches of the trees. The trees that we planted a few years ago are growing well. There were lots of birds feeding in the area and bumblebees flying around. We also caught a big ground beetle.


Terrific Scientific Trees Investigation

Today we took part in our fourth Terrific Scientific investigation. This time we are investigating trees. We have to survey the 🌳 in the school grounds and record how tall they are and the circumference of their trunks. We will then use a carbon calculator to work out how much carbon each tree is storing. We will then calculate the total amount of carbon stored by all the trees in the school and learn about why trees storing carbon is important and where the carbon comes from.

This time we are sending our results to Leeds University and they will analyse the results from all the schools in the U.K.

If you want to see our results so far, you can look online at the Terrific Scientific website. There are lots of other activities on there too that children can do at home. We have also tried the ‘bouncing eggs’, which was a lot of fun.

Learning to measure trees