Reading Challenge

The P 6/7 s have been working hard on their reading this term. Some of the bairns have made a super effort to read more frequently, or more difficult books, or read books by unfamiliar authors. Ms Scanlan had a really difficult job deciding which two pupils should get a Β£10 book voucher. In the end she had to put several names in a hat and the two well-deserved winners were Michaela Christie and Jemima Budge. Well done to all the excellent and enthusiastic readers in P6/7!


African drumming assembly with Joy

Joy Duncan has worked with all our classes this term and what a treat it was today to hear and watch all the different drumming, singing and dancing from all over Africa.

Every class performed something quite different and the audience loved it. It was clear by looking at all the children, that they really enjoyed their learning too.

Thanks Joy, looking forward to the next drumming lessons already πŸ₯

STEM project with Emma Chittick

Today we had the first of our STEM sessions. Emma is going into schools in Shetland to promote an interest in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

We could pair up or work on our own and we had an iPad and a lego vehicle and we had to programme it to do several things. It had to move in an orbit ( just like a satellite), use a sonic sensor, react to an object (space debris) and capture and move space debris.

P6/7 we’re really quick at learning to do this and we had a lot of fun programming the vehicles πŸš—. We are looking forward to Emma coming back in the summer term. Let’s hope this inspires a few of the P6/7s to think about working in some of the STEM subjects in future. πŸš€ Β πŸ’» πŸ‘©β€πŸ”¬



Terrific Scientific Time

We have now started our 3rd big investigation. This time we are looking at how the change in the clocks this coming weekend will affect us. We have been recording how much sleep we have every night in a sleep diary, and how alert we are in the morning ( using the Karolinska scale).

We are doing reaction experiments on a morning and afternoon before and after the clocks change to see whether our reaction rate changes.

Our results will uploaded onto the BBC Terrific Scientific website and they will be analysed by Oxford University. It will be interesting to see the results of the whole investigation.