Visit to Quendale Farm

Primary 6 have had a super morning visiting Quendale Farm. We spent an hour in the lambing shed, learning about the Suffolk ewes and their lambs. There were also five calves in a pen too.

We learnt about the whole lambing year. We can recognise a ewe that is about to lamb and we had a go using the simulator to help a birth a lamb.

A big thank you 😊 to Hillary and her staff for a really interesting trip.

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SSPCA visit

Today we had another really interesting visit from the SSPCA. We took part in an interactive whiteboard quiz all about helping and rescuing animals and what we could do if we saw any animals in trouble. We played a game of snakes and ladders with lots of interesting questions to answer. It was a great way to learn about helping animals.


Technology Topic

In class we have been looking at phones and how the technology has changed over time. We have been making posters to demonstrate this.

We have also sent home questionnaires to find out what our parents and families think about mobile phone technology. The answers we have received back have been great to discuss and will feed into our planned debate later in the week.  We have also researched various arguments for and against mobile phones in preparation for our debate.

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RSPB Big Schools Bird Watch

On Friday afternoon Matthew Smith, a volunteer from the RSPB came to help us with our hour of birdwatching. We took it in turns to go out in groups, while the rest of the class made fatballs to feed the birds and did some drawings of some of the birds that we are likely to see from the classroom.

We have started to see quite a few species, since we have been putting feed out. We also saw a lot of waders starting to come through after all the wind this week. We’ve all seen redshank, curlew and oystercatchers and we’re learning to identify a few of the gull species too. There are always lots of starlings around and house sparrows and a robin came to feed a couple of weeks ago.

Ms Scanlan is going to upload the species that we saw onto the RSPB website.

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Mrs Williamson

On Monday Mrs Williamson started working in our class as a student teacher. She will be with us for the next 5 weeks.  Mrs Williamson  gave an introductory talk about herself and then got the class to make posters about ourselves and Dunrossness. We had fun designing the posters.