P6/7 Visit to Shetland Museum and Bible Exhibition

We spent an excellent morning at the Shetland Museum learning more about the strategic importance of Shetland during WWII and how it was affected by the war.

We spent time looking at the WWII display case and learnt a lot of interesting information about the items within.

We were also shown some WWII artefacts and the Shetland Roll of Honour where we found the names of those who died during the war.

Having discussed shortages, the need for rationing and how people had to ‘make do and mend’, we were each given a wooden peg and scraps of material to make a toy figure to play with- just like children in WWII would have to do to make their own toys.

Here are some of the toys we made.

We had a super time and would like to thank Yvonne and Kirsty for sharing their knowledge of WWII with us.

After lunch we went to a Bible exhibition at Sound Gospel Hall. There were four different workshops to go round and we had to complete a quiz at the end of each one. There was a lot of information to take in and we had to listen really carefully to answer the questions.

We were made very welcome and they kindly gave us a drink, biscuit and crisps to take back with us.