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This week’ s programming challenge was to collect your shopping using  ultra sonic sensors to  stop in front of the package in order to pick it up, then bring it home. This involved lots of maths calculations to work out suitable rotations and distances. We also included sound at suitable times to indicate starting, reversing and stopping. It was another focused and fun session-enjoyed by all.

First STEM visit of 2018

This morning Emma Chittick came to teach us more about technology and how it is changing the way we live and work. The whole class very much enjoyed programming robots to pick up a package and take it to a box in the middle of the classroom and then come back. It was like the robot was a Amazon worker. We had to program it to pick a package off the shelf and take it to a delivery van and go back to the shelf to get another. But there were a few extra challenges we had to include in our programs. We had to add fun sounds in different places  so you could tell what the robot was doing e.g. reversing. One of the robots dropped off their package and made a beeping sound as if to tell other workers they had dropped off a package. And another robot made a cheerful sound when it got back to the shelf. Another robot made a sound to signify that they had started their program.

Towards the end of the session,  we demonstrated our programs to the whole class, two pairs at a time. We also started off all of the robots at the same time to see whose robot would get the package to the middle of the classroom and make it out alive! One robot made in and out all three times without crashing or missing the van! It was really fun and we can’t wait until the next session!

By Lauryn and Molly