Spanish Dictation Challenge

Mr Harpe set our class a ‘running dictation’ challenge for our first Spanish lesson of 2018.

He split us into four teams and put up an assortment of sentences in Spanish. We had to run up, look at the piece of paper, memorise one of the sentences, run back and tell our teammates what the sentence was and write it down correctly. It was quite hard but fun. Plus you had to try to spell it right.

In team one was Jake, Ciaran, Christie, Declan, Fearghas and Lily-Jane.

Team two was made up of Michael, AJ, Emmy, Niamh, Ally and Jacob.

Team three had Bertie, Lauryn, Zara, Jemima, Michaela and Cerys in it.

The  final team, team four, was made up of Ayla, Molly, Eve, Carys, Katie and Emily.

In the end Team three won.

We asked some people what they thought of the activity.

This is what they said.

Declan said, “It was good and exciting. It was also fun but a little bit hard.”

Michael said, “I really enjoyed the game. It was a little bit hard to spell the words.”

Cerys said,” It was a lot of fun.

Lily Jane commented, ” It was alright. I enjoyed the game a lot. I found it easy.

“It was very interesting and easier than I thought. I enjoyed it overall,” said Emily.

Written by Jemima and Zara

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