Climate Change in a Bottle

This week we have been trying to recreate what is happening to our planet….in a bottle!

We measured out some vinegar and added a thermometer to two bottles of the same size.  Both bottles had a balloon fixed to the top, but to one balloon we added some bicarbonate of soda first.  When emptied into the bottle, it with the vinegar, giving off carbon dioxide, which is one of the gases causing harm to our planet.  This is contributing to Climate Change.   Both bottles were set on the window sill to catch the heat from the sun.

Some pupils predicted that the temperature would rise, some said it would fall and some thought there would be no change!

It was very exciting seeing the carbon dioxide inflating the balloon!

We took the temperature of each bottle before the experiment began and again after 1 minute to see if there was a change in temperature.  We read the temperature again after 10 minutes and again 24 hours later.  We are leaving the experiment out for a week to see what happens.

We’ll let you know the results of our experiment next week!

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