Mud Kitchen

We are so lucky to have the school grounds that we do, especially now that each class needs their own area.  We’re also delighted to have been given a donation from the Sumburgh Airport Fire Station.  This is allowing each class to invest in toys for their play space and also improve our indoor, wet playtime provision.  However, P5/6 have been wondering about a mud kitchen for outdoors!  We are looking into ways we can maybe make this happen so are appealing to our parents first!  We’ve looked at a few ideas and have a list of items we’d like to try and gather.  If any of you have these items or know where we could source them, please get in touch.  Also, if you know of anybody who would be willing and able to put it together for us, that would be amazing!  We are looking for the following.   Pictures just for a guide.  We may be able to ask the Parent Council to help us in some way but we hope we can do a lot ourselves in the first instance.   THANK YOU for any help you can manage!

Wooden pallets

Sink or sink with draining board

Nails / Screws for assembly

Pots, pans, sieves, spoons, bowls, teapots, trowels etc…

2 thoughts on “Mud Kitchen”

  1. Hello Mrs Smith,
    We can bring 2 or 3 pallets and a sink with draining board, probably some pots and pans too, just let me know when and where you want them! 😁

    1. Thank you so much Sonja. I have managed to source pallets and a sink already so hoping that’s sorted. The pots and pans would be welcome though.

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