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Stick Man

This week, we have listened to the very popular Stick Man story by Julia Donaldson.  We have sequenced parts of the story and have used it to help us revise some of our sounds.  P2 have enjoyed making small books with pictures and writing.  We have also been using parts of the story to help us with our number work.  Today, we looked at the family tree picture in detail and started to draw our own black pen pictures.  Sadly, it was too wet for us to look for our own stick men in the garden!  Maybe tomorrow!


Primary 2 – Afternoon Activities

Primary 2 have been enjoying their quiet afternoons but are looking forward to helping P1 settle into full days next week.  P2 have been reading in groups and working together on alphabet tasks.  They’ve been really keen to start their spelling tests and dictation work … just like P2 last year and have been learning how we need to set this out in our jotters.  They have worked together on practical capacity work in Maths and have been developing their estimation skills.  Topic work has been centred around lessons on Our Body and we’ve been keeping our bodies fit in class PE.

Outdoor Education Day – 18th May

Thanks to the glorious Shetland weather, we were able to do all our planned activities today!  We started off at the Boddam play park to do an experiment on forces.  Then, in groups, we had to show forces at work using the play equipment.  After some time inside looking at Electricity with Mr Rose, it was back outside to do a spot of reading before we joined the rest of the school on our whole school walk.  A full day of learning and fresh air!

French Food Fun!

P1/2 have been using the laptops to research French food this term as part of their Food topic.  Some food sounded really yummy – macarons, crepes, baguettes and tarte tatin just to name a few.   Others were a bit surprising.  Have you ever tried frogs legs and snails?!

We decided that we wanted to try making some of the yummy treats for family and friends to enjoy.  Once we found some simple recipes, we wrote shopping lists and began the preparations for our French afternoon.  Invitations were made and sent out.  Then it was time to begin making and baking!  We also made a milk chocolate tarte and a white chocolate tarte but forgot to take photos!!


Everyone Reading In Class

Since World Book Day, P1/2 have been enjoying the challenges of reading all sorts of different texts at home and at school.  They are enjoying reading alone, with a partner and in small groups.  They have been really keen to share their reading with the class and have written book reviews at home to tell us all about their favourite stories.  Please look through our gallery of photos.  It is clear to see the enjoyment, concentration, peer support  and potential for learning.

National Poetry Day

On Thursday 6th October we celebrated National Poetry Day by reading poems throughout the day.  We listened to a funny poem called “Sick” about a girl who wanted to stay home from school and we listened to Mrs Smith’s favourite poem from her childhood called “Rice Pudding.”  We also enjoyed watching “The Jumblies” and “The Owl and the Pussy Cat” on the whiteboard.  Then we tried writing our own senses poem.  Everyone produced a super piece of writing.  Here are just a few.  The rest can be seen displayed outside P1/2.  To round it all off, Christina brought in her poetry book from home and shared her favourite verses with us the next day.  We really enjoyed our day!

Isla's Work
Isla’s Work
Lena's Poem
Lena’s Poem
Anders worked hard on his piece.
Anders worked hard on his piece.
Elijah's Poetry
Elijah’s Poetry
Christina's Work
Christina’s Work
Conor's Writing
Conor’s Writing
Freya's Poem
Freya’s Poem
Ruben worked hard on his sounds.
Ruben worked hard on his sounds.
George's Poetry
George’s Poetry
Christina brought in her book from home to share.

Jolly Phonics

On Thursday, we learned our last letter before we break up for the October holidays.  This morning, Leo brought in something special to show us!  We were delighted to see his very own x-ray photograph to help us learn and remember the x sound.  Good work Leo!

Primary 1 – The First Weeks

Primary 1 have been settling into school life really well and will start full days this coming Monday.  So, what have they been getting up to?  Here are just some of the activities they have been involved in.  They’ve packed a lot in!