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Bookbug Primary 1 Family Bag

We hope you are all enjoying your book bag that has been provided by the Scottish Book Trust, as part of the Read, Write, Count campaign.   Once again, the bags contain lovely stories, which we’ve been sharing in school too.  They also have activities and resources to help promote early language and maths skills.  If you want help working in some fun reading, writing and counting activities, there are lots of super ideas on the website below.


We were thrilled to see Rohan putting his book bag to use at home straight away!  Well done!


P2 Dictionary Work

Well done to the P2 pupils who have been working hard on their alphabetical order and have been using dictionaries to help them find letters and words.  They have been keen and motivated workers!

Book Tokens and Share a Story

Your child has brought home their £1 World Book Day token that can be used at the Shetland Times Bookshop or used to buy a book from our next Book Club magazine.

The children were also given home a “Share a Story” sheet that suggests lots of fun ways to encourage reading at home.  Please share any successes with us…we’d love to hear about your reading journeys!  Some achievements have already been celebrated on the Shetland Library Facebook page!

There are lots of reading ideas on the World Book Day website.  Please see the link below.  Happy reading P1/2!

Share a Story

World Book Day

We enjoyed celebrating World Book Day today and were delighted that Mrs Fiona Henderson could be with us to celebrate too!  Our day started in the Library where we got to change our books.  Then we looked at all the tatties, fruits and stones that pupils decorated as their favourite story characters.  The winners are yet to be announced!  We had a special Assembly where we did a quiz and were handed out our £1 book tokens.  Mrs Henderson read us a story but didn’t tell us the title or show us the cover.  We went back to class to draw and write down our own ideas.  We all enjoyed celebrating the joy of reading!

Robot Rumpus!

P1/2 have started to prepare for World Book Day.  We have read and enjoyed “Robot Rumpus!” by S.Taylor and R.Collins.  Today, the children were asked to think about what jobs they would like a robot to help them with.  They named their robots and started to create them using different craft materials.  The next step will be to write about what their robot does for them, to accompany their pictures.  Here are a few photos of our work in progress!



P2 Jolly Grammar Work

Primary 2 have been finding out all about nouns.   They have been taught the Jolly Phonics actions to help them remember proper nouns and common nouns and have been learning that proper nouns need to be written using capital letters.  They got busy taking photos of nouns they could see all around and have been writing labels to be displayed beside them.

The First Minister’s Reading Challenge

Well done to Alexander who has completed his First Minister’s Reading Passport booklet.  He has read lots of story books and factual books.  He has drawn his favourite parts and has written about what he has learned.  He has also recommended stories for his friends. 😀

National Poetry Day – 28.9.17

The theme for National Poetry Day this year was, “Freedom”.  In P1/2 we decided to look at the freedom we have to play and how fortunate we are to live where we do and have wonderful experiences right on our doorstep.  This can clearly be seen in the beautiful photos sent in to help us with this!  Thank you!  The P1 children used their photo to complete the, “Freedom is…” sentence.  P2 wrote acrostic poems to share their thoughts.  The photos and poems are displayed in the dining area so please go and have a look when you are in for your parent appointments next week.

We also really enjoyed listening to the poem, “I Opened A Book” by Julia Donaldson and we have spoken about what the poem is trying to tell us about using our imaginations when we are reading.  The class enjoyed sharing their favourite book with a talking partner and drew and wrote about where their imaginations take them.

Source: I Opened A Book | Poetry | Scottish Poetry Library