Food Miles

We have been busy looking at the food packaging from our fruit tasting afternoon.  It was amazing to see where our fruit has travelled from to get to our classroom!  Most of the fruit came from Africa, South America and Spain.  As a class, we plotted these fruits on a large map and had fun looking at an atlas to see if we could find these countries for ourselves.  Some pupils couldn’t believe how tiny Shetland was in comparison to other places around the world!

We discussed how important it was to try and buy local produce as much as we can, but of course this is not always possible when buying pineapples or bananas!



One thought on “Food Miles”

  1. I am always amazed at how many miles some of our food travels. This topic was on the news this morning! They also said it is good to use local food when we can but said we hadn’t managed to grow enough bananas or pineapples successfully in this country.

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