P5a term highlights

We have enjoyed this term together and have achieved a lot!

Our last piece of writing was a description of a special person, so you might receive a copy if it was about you!

In maths we  can add using a variety of mental and written methods, in particular, using place value.

Yesterday some p7s taught us how to use keynote on our iPads and we have been practising making animated presentations.

Today is national poetry day so we have been reading and writing poems.

We finished our class novel ‘Max and the Millions’ and really enjoyed the end when Max was reunited with Mr Darrow.

This term we have made patterns cats, Charles Rennie Mackintosh roses, perspective and forced perspective photographs.

Other highlights this term are

  • learning to play netball
  • getting better at spelling
  • learning to use paragraphs

Here are some of the keynote presentations.

Taylor’s poems

Rosie and Eden made these

Louis made this

Have a great holiday and I’ll see you on Tuesday 19th October.

One thought on “P5a term highlights”

  1. I loved making up poems I made up a new one
    Morning is a wonderful time full of happiness and cheer
    But when you get in the car you feel like you can’t steer
    You’re tired and yawning trying to wake up
    But you feel like you’re brains been left in a cup
    And when you finally do
    It’s the afternoon

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