P5a review of the week

Here are some of the things we learned this week.

Coal mining. We have been learning about renewable and non renewable energy, particularly in Scotland. Looking at maps of mines, we discovered that most of them closed a very long time ago. We carried out an experiment to investigate the effect of mining on the landscape.  The more chocolate chips (coal) we mined, the worse the effect on the landscape. We drew what we imagined would happen to a landscape.


Short o spelling words

We had a class meeting to share our views with the pupil council and sustainable squad reps. We shared what we think is going well at Kingsland and what changes we would like to see. Here are the post boxes that Vivienne and Rosie made for our views.

Other highlights are

  • adding tens and near tens to 2 or 3 digit numbers
  • playing in the MUGA at break and lunch
  • writing a description of the Amur leopard
  • Skipper assembly
  • drawing us in our boats on the river of life, avoiding the rocks

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