Weekly highlights

We started this week watching assembly which included a clip of Olympic climbing. Our task was to recognise which ‘building resilience’ strategies the climbers used.
We said

  • get active as you need strength to climb
  • have a goal to aim for the top to win
  • keep connected, talking to each other about the route up
  • challenge your mindset by telling yourself you can do it
  • Look on the bright side as you might be feeling a bit worried
  • respect yourself by telling yourself to have a go
  • make a difference as you can go high then even higher

We completed making our miniature castles based on our class novel Max and the Millions. We then looked at the work of artist Willard Wigan who makes microscopic models. We made a person using pipe cleaners and are beginning to imagine a scene from a story around our castle and person.

In writing we wrote a description of our school, after we had decided on paragraph subheadings as a class.

In maths we wrote numbers in words and numerals and placed numbers on a number line which can be challenging if we need to work out what each mark stands for.

We are going elect a class rep for both the Pupil Council and the Sustainable Squad so we are busy thinking about what it takes to do a good job.

In health and well-being we are learning about the effects on our health of too much or too little and we are relating this to the effects of alcohol.

Here we are together enjoying the good weather.

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