Welcome Back P3

We hope you have had a fun time with your families in the lovely weather over the holiday. We have missed welcoming you back this morning, but look forward to seeing all the creative ways you share your learning with us. The new learning will be shared later today on the school website. Look on the website for the new KPS challenge making origami models – WOW! Mrs. Thomson and Mrs Dundas

3 thoughts on “Welcome Back P3”

  1. Hi everyone can I just say that I am really looking forward to seeing you and going back to school because I am not liking being off hears two questions to keep you busy. To be or not to be that is question 1. 1+1 that is question 2.

  2. Hello everyone, I miss you all so much. I need to do a lot of really hard work. My mum has been keeping me busy with maths. It makes me think of you guys. Also i have a maths question for you. what is 100+100+6+1+20+17+56

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