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Senior Parent Consultations

You will realise that under normal circumstances, Senior Phase Parent Consultation Evenings would be taking place this month.

According to our 2020-21 School Calendar we had initially planned (hoped for) the following dates:

S5/6 Thursday 5th November
S4 Thursday 19th November

Unfortunately, these events will not be able to take place with reference to all current guidelines. NLC are continuing to work with appropriate representative groups before issuing further guidance to schools.

As always, if you feel you would like to discuss any school matter then please contact us in the usual way through your child’s Principal Teacher of Pupil Support.

S4 Mrs. Carragher
S5 Mrs. Harvey
S6 Mrs. Henderson

We look forward to communicating further with you in due course.


SQA Information Evening – Tuesday 29th October

An information night will be taking place in Chryston High School for all parents of S4, 5 and 6 pupils on Tuesday 29th October starting at 18.30.

The presentation will relate to all aspects of the Scottish Qualifications Authority, the upcoming assessments in December, the final exams in April / May and what takes place in school throughout the academic year to ensure success for all students.

The topic headings from the presentation are:

  • Key dates for Communication (reports, parents nights, assessment periods)
  • Assessment fortnight (prelims)
  • SQA levels, grades and options
  • Presentation levels – The process for deciding on the best level for each child
  • The role of teachers, parents and pupils

There will also be an opportunity to speak to a member of the Senior Leadership Team at the end of the evening to discuss specific questions.  We look forward to seeing you there!

S1 Parents’ Welcome Evening

There is a welcome evening for S1 parents on Thursday 8 November from 6.30pm until 8.30pm.  Parents will be able to visit classrooms with their children and speak to teachers and pupils about what their children have been learning.  Pupils representing the various clubs and committees in the school will be in the social area.  We look forward to welcoming you to Chryston High School.

S1 Letters to Parents Oct 2018

S3 Parent Consultation Evening – Tuesday 27th February

A reminder that our S3 parent consultation evening will be on Tuesday 27th February, starting at 4.15pm and running to 6.35pm.

S3 pupils received appointment sheets at the beginning of the week and texts were sent out to parents the previous week.  If you did not receive a text could you please update your mobile details with our office via either email or a phone call.

We look forward to seeing you there!

S1 Parents’ Consultation

Our S1 Parents’ Consultation meetings take place on Wednesday 10th of May from 4.15pm till 6.30pm.  This is an opportunity for our S1 parents to meet with their children’s class teachers to discuss how their children have progressed this session.

Children will be issued with an appointment sheet today and will be able to make appointments to see their teachers from Friday.  Each appointment lasts 5 minutes.  Pupils are very welcome to attend appointments with their parents.

Feedback from the parental questionnaire will be available.  There will be tea and coffee in the social area.

We look forward to welcoming all of our S1 parents.

S3 Option Information

The S3 Parent’s Consultation Meeting will take place on Wednesday 22nd of February at 4.15pm.  Pupils will be issued with appointment sheets on Monday.  We look forward to welcoming all of our S3 parents.

The S3 Information Evening is on Thursday 2nd of March from 6.30pm until 8.30pm.  A letter was issued on Friday 17th of February and today to absentees.  Please reply by Wednesday 22nd of February.  Click on the link to view the letter.