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Scottish National Standardised Assessments S3 Pupils

This letter for S3 Parents about SNSA and this information leaflet  was emailed to S3 parents.  If you did not receive them please update your email address with the school office.

All pupils in third year in Scottish schools will undertake the Scottish National Standardised Assessment (SNSA).  The main purpose of the assessment is to provide information for teachers on how well children are doing in literacy and numeracy and to help guide learning and teaching.  The assessments are also designed to produce national-level information about children and young people’s progress for teachers’ use in school and the Scottish Government at national level. National level information covers the whole of Scotland and not individual schools.  Your child will complete the assessment in April.

The Scottish Government has created a dedicated website where you will find more information.

  • Information for Parents/Carers

  • Questions and Answers

S3 Parent Consultation Evening – Tuesday 27th February

A reminder that our S3 parent consultation evening will be on Tuesday 27th February, starting at 4.15pm and running to 6.35pm.

S3 pupils received appointment sheets at the beginning of the week and texts were sent out to parents the previous week.  If you did not receive a text could you please update your mobile details with our office via either email or a phone call.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Competition Winner

Congratulations to Emma Green!

Emma Green in S3 has just won a scholarship placement with UK|German Connection to spend two weeks in Germany during the summer holidays.

Emma will join 10 other pupils from all over the UK between 15-29th July in Ortenburg in Bavaria to take part in range of activities.  She will stay with a host family, go to a German school, take part in language classes and take part in excursions to the surrounding area.  This is an exciting opportunity for Emma and we all look forward to hearing about her experiences when she comes back!

Herzlichen Glückwünsch!

S3 Option Information

The S3 Parent’s Consultation Meeting will take place on Wednesday 22nd of February at 4.15pm.  Pupils will be issued with appointment sheets on Monday.  We look forward to welcoming all of our S3 parents.

The S3 Information Evening is on Thursday 2nd of March from 6.30pm until 8.30pm.  A letter was issued on Friday 17th of February and today to absentees.  Please reply by Wednesday 22nd of February.  Click on the link to view the letter.